What is the difference between data science and data engineering?

Data Science

Data Scientists work with the data and are basically doing the analytics part.

They take the data and create new insights. They do the analytics for instance by using Machine Learning techniques or do just simple standard math.

These results are then shown in reports or user interfaces.

That’s the essence of the Data Scientist job.

But that's only one part of the whole thing.

Data Engineering

The other part, around science, is the whole engineering part - the part of data Engineers.

They are responsible for building and maintaining the actual platform and pipelines (sometimes the platform's already there).

Data Engineers take care of how the data is coming in, validated, processed and how it is getting stored - and the different tools for it. Making the data available for the Data Scientist, so that they can use it.

That's the job of the engineer making sure that everything is automated and runs smoothly.

Against or with each other?

That's how I usually describe these and how these two fit together.

When you want to work in the field of data Science you have to ask yourself:

Do I want to analyze data? then take the scientist’s route

Do I want to work on the data like modeling it and so on? That's the engineering route.

I am convinced that one cannot work without the other.

See you later.


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