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Build a foundation in Data Engineering to land your first job or transition into the field.

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Expand your knowledge base by learning new tools and techniques to excel as an engineer.

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Learn all the skills necessary to engineer data pipelines for machine learning projects.

Our proven training program has already helped over 1,000 students achieve success!

The Data Engineering Academy
  • Learn Data Engineering with our online Academy
  • Perfect for becoming a Data Engineer, getting better at engineering or adding Data Engineering to your skillset
  • Proven process based on over a decade of experience and hundreds of hours of personal coaching
  • Training on the most important fundamentals, tools and platforms plus our Associate Data Engineer Certification
  • Live office hours
  • Private Discord community with hundreds of members

Join our ultimate Academy with everything you need to know to learn Data Engineering.

Grow your salary and make over $100.000 per year

Data Engineering is one of the most exciting and fastest growing professions in the data space right now! Professional Data Engineers easily make over $100.000 per year! Because it’s a very large field with many tools running on very different platforms, experts are not easy to find but the better paid.

Learn Data Engineering content is based on the latest market standard and is constantly being expanded. With our expertise, we have already boosted the careers of over 1,000 students and tens of thousands of people online.

Large community and learning opportunities for free

Our concept of learning is not limited to the Academy. We also provide a platform for networking and discussion.

Our Discord server offers you the opportunity to exchange ideas and questions with our community. Through the questions of the other members you can also gain valuable experience and take new ideas for your project. In addition, you benefit from the following free learning opportunities:

YouTube Videos

Over 350 videos, 30,000 subscribers and over 700.000 views.

Free Skills & Tools Guide

Our free 20 page guide: Explore the skills of Data Engineers, learn about data platforms & tools Data Engineers are working with.

Discord Server

Join our free Discord server. Perfect for exchanging ideas among enthusiasts.


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