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Our Academy offers an extensive range of content covering the most critical tools and platforms, all designed by engineers for engineers. Engage in hands-on courses that tackle real-world data challenges and practical problems, ensuring you gain relevant, actionable skills.

1. The Basics

Start your Data Engineering journey with essential concepts and practical skills. Learn Data Engineering basics, computer science, Python, data preparation, Docker, and job application strategies.

2. Platform & Pipeline Design Fundamentals

Develop hands-on skills with essential Data Engineering tools, covering the entire workflow from data ingestion and message queues to orchestration, processing frameworks, and visualization techniques.

3. Fundamental Tools

Module three contains hands-on trainings on fundamental tools. From data ingestion, message queues, processing frameworks to visualization.

4. Example projects

Apply your knowledge through hands-on projects on major cloud platforms and your own computer. Gain practical experience with real-world scenarios and industry-relevant tools.

What you can achieve in the next 3 months:

Our Academy allows you to tailor your educational journey. Customize your path by selecting the courses that match your goals.
There's no need to complete every course; focus on what matters most to you and advance at your own pace.

In 1 Month: Master Data Engineering Fundamentals

After one month, you'll understand the exact role of a Data Engineer, have solid computer science fundamentals, enhanced Python coding skills, and proficiency in Docker. Additionally, you'll gain theoretical knowledge on designing data platforms and pipelines, choosing the right data store, and schema design. This foundation will equip you to tackle hands-on projects confidently.

After one month, you'll understand the Data Engineer's role, have solid computer science fundamentals, enhanced Python skills, and Docker proficiency. You'll also learn to design data platforms and pipelines, choose the right data store, and perform data modeling, preparing you for hands-on projects.

In 3 Months: Do Data Engineering on the Cloud

Gain extensive AWS experience by building your own stream and batch processing platform, including deploying containerized apps like ML algorithms on AWS. You'll master tools like API Gateway, Kinesis, Lambda, AWS Glue, S3, DynamoDB, Redshift, CloudWatch, RDS, and Elastic Container Registry and Service.

We also offer extensive projects on GCP and Azure, as well as lakehouses, giving you a comprehensive understanding of different cloud environments and data management strategies.

Gain AWS experience by building stream and batch processing platforms, and deploying containerized apps. Master tools like API Gateway, Kinesis, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, Redshift, and more. Additionally, explore projects on GCP, Azure, and lakehouses for a broad understanding of cloud environments.

Or in 3 Months: Build an Open Source Platform

After 3 months, you'll have built an impressive open-source platform using tools like FastAPI, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark streaming, MongoDB, and Streamlit, without needing a cloud subscription. You can also expand your knowledge by orchestrating pipelines with Airflow, processing time series data with InfluxDB, monitoring pipelines with Elasticsearch, and developing a contact tracing app with Elasticsearch. This comprehensive skill set prepares you for a successful career in Data Engineering.

After 3 months, you'll have built an open-source platform with tools like FastAPI, Kafka, Spark, MongoDB, and Streamlit. You can also learn pipeline orchestration with Airflow, time series processing with InfluxDB, and monitoring with Elasticsearch. This prepares you for a successful Data Engineering career.

Fully Customizable Schedule

Your schedule is fully customizable. With either annual or unlimited access, you have sufficient time to get familiar with Data Warehousing on AWS, GCP, Databricks, and Hadoop. Within 3 to 4 weeks, you can gain the knowledge to work with AWS Athena and Quicksight, GCP BigQuery and Datastudio, or build ETL pipelines and lakehouses with Databricks, Snowflake and dbt. In just 2 weeks, you will learn the basics of Azure and build solutions with API Management, EventHub, Function Apps, CosmosDB, and PowerBI.

Customize your schedule with annual or unlimited access. Learn Data Warehousing on AWS, GCP, Databricks, Snowflake, dbt, and Hadoop. In 3-4 weeks, gain skills in AWS Athena and Quicksight, GCP BigQuery and Datastudio, or build ETL pipelines on Databricks and Snowflake.

How we teach

Over 50 Hours of Video Lessons

We offer 54 hours of pre-recorded video lessons in English. These videos include presentations, setup guides, live coding sessions, step-by-step explanations of prepared code, and hands-on demos you can replicate. Each topic starts with theoretical basics, followed by environment setup and initial hands-on experience. You then dive into advanced features or mini-projects.

We offer 54 hours of pre-recorded video lessons, including presentations, setup guides, live coding, code explanations, and hands-on demos. Each topic starts with theory, followed by setup and hands-on practice, ending with advanced features or mini-projects.

Source Codes & Easy Setup

We provide prepared source codes for all hands-on lessons via our Academy GitHub. Use the example code to follow along, expand it, or reuse it as a template for your own projects. For topics requiring local tool installation, we use Docker images whenever possible. This minimizes setup issues and side effects, allowing you to focus on the core learning material without unnecessary hassle.

We provide prepared source codes for all hands-on lessons via our Academy GitHub. Use the example code to follow along, expand it, or reuse it as a template. For local tool installations, we use Docker images to minimize setup issues, allowing you to focus on learning without hassle.

Individual Help Channels

Providing you with the support you need is our top priority. Whether you have questions about learning topics or encounter errors during hands-on activities, we've got you covered. Use the individual Discord channels for larger projects or the general questions channel for quick help. Chat with other students via our dedicated voice channel. Even if our team isn't available, our vibrant student community is always ready to assist.

Your support is our priority. Use Discord channels for project questions or quick help. Chat with students via our voice channel. Our active student community is always ready to assist.

Academy Structure

The Academy is divided into four modules plus the Associate Data Engineer certification, allowing you to start anywhere.

Module One: Covers essential basics such as Computer Science, Python, Docker, and a course on successful job applications.

Module Two: Focuses on designing data platforms and pipelines, and selecting and modeling NoSQL, relational, and dimensional data stores.

Module Three: Provides hands-on experience with critical tools like Spark, Kafka, Airflow, MongoDB, Snowflake, Databricks, and more.

Module Four: Includes large example projects where you can build full end-to-end pipelines.

The content of the Academy is devided into 4 modules plus the Associate Data Engineer certifcation.

In module one you learn the basics every engineer needs. Module two helps you understand how to design data platforms and pipelilnes.

Module three allows you to gain hands-on knowledge in all super important tools and module four contains large example projects

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Discover comprehensive details and find the right learning path for you.

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      Data Engineering Academy in Numbers

      What our students say

      Godwin E.

      Great course by Andreas, my favorite part of the course are the example projects, it gives you the understanding of how data engineering is done in the real world, also get to have a portfolio of projects across different cloud platforms. 

      Andy N.

      Andreas's method of targeting skills that are in demand and building projects around them is the fastest way to get a job in Data Engineering. I was able to get a job in 2 months. Thanks Andreas.

      Seemanthini N

      I was always in the search for a good resource for Data Engineering hands on/knowledge and found Learn Data Engineering. This is the perfect course for someone who has coding experience and is looking to transition to a date engineering role.

      Coming Soon

      We are excited to announce new trainings being added to the Academy:

      Dimensional Data Modeling 2
      A comprehensive course how to model your data for data warehouses and analytical use-cases

      Advanced SQL for Data Engineers
      Covering everything from basics to transactions, window functions, and query optimization.

      Platform & Pipeline Design 2
      A complete guide to building a data platform from the ground up.

      Common Questions Answered

      Why Join Learn Data Engineering?

      Unlike platforms like Udemy or Coursera, we offer a holistic learning experience with personal support. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of Data Engineering, not just individual tools. Our team provides help whenever you need it. Plus, our content is continually updated with new topics, videos, and worksheets added every month by Andreas and our expert trainers. This ensures you always have access to the latest knowledge and techniques in the field.
      Moreover, it's significantly cheaper than a typical 6-week bootcamp and offers long-term support to ensure your continued success.

      Is Learn Data Engineering Right for Me?

      Our Academy is perfect if you're interested in the core infrastructure of Data Science. We've helped over 1,500 students, including Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Database Administrators, Software Developers, and graduates aspiring to become Data Engineers or looking to apply these skills in their future careers. Whether you're just starting or looking to advance your career, our comprehensive and supportive learning environment is designed to meet your needs.

      What is the Difference Between Annual (12 Months) and Unlimited Subscription?

      With the Annual Subscription, you have access to all current and future content of the Academy for one year from the date of purchase. The Unlimited Subscription provides the same content but with lifetime access, ensuring your subscription never expires.

      How Long Do I Have to Complete the Training?

      The content of the Academy is entirely on-demand, allowing you to progress at your own pace. You can start whenever you want, and there are no deadlines to finish. The only limiting factor is the expiration date of your subscription. However, you can upgrade to Unlimited Access at any time, ensuring you have as much time as you need to complete your training.

      What Prior Knowledge Should I Have for Learning Data Engineering?

      Ideally, you should be able to program in Python and have basic knowledge of SQL. As a Data Engineer, coding and using SQL to interact with databases are essential skills. However, if you're coming from a different field, don't worry. Our basic section includes courses and links to free external resources to help you gain the necessary knowledge.

      Can I earn certificates?

      Yes, you can earn certificates for all individual topics covered in the Academy. Additionally, we offer an Associate Data Engineer certification to demonstrate that you are job-ready.

      Do students need to create their own cloud accounts and will this incur additional costs?

      Yes, you need to create your own accounts on cloud platforms. Most major platforms offer free credits or tiers; please check their websites for details, as conditions may change. Our training is designed to utilize these free tiers and credits, minimizing extra costs.

      One exception is the AWS training, where not all services are available in the free tier. The expected charge is usually below $10/month. We show you how to set alarm thresholds at the start of the AWS training to notify you if you exceed your limits.

      Do I get an invoice after the payment?

      Yes, once you subscribe to the Academy, you will receive an invoice via email. This invoice can typically be used to get reimbursed by your employer if you have a learning budget.

      Is there a monthly payment option?

      Currently, you can choose between a one-time payment or three monthly payments. The three-month payment plan allows you to split the membership fee into three smaller installments, making it more manageable.

      How does the money back guarantee work?

      We are confident you will be satisfied with the Academy. However, if you are not, please contact us at [email protected] within 14 days of purchase to receive a full refund.

      Is there a free trial available?

      No, sorry there is no trial. We have a huge collection of over 200 videos you can watch for free on YouTube.

      Here's the link: http://bit.ly/YoutubeAndreaskayy

      Or read the data engineering cookbook. It's going to help you a lot learning more about Data Engineering.