In my coaching sessions, there is one repeating topic that I have focused on many times and which is therefore very important: schema design. This is why I created this training in the academy to explain to you schema design for data stores more in detail.

As a data set we use an e-commerce data set that we also use in other trainings. I took a few designs from the coaching to show you how schema design works in different scenarios.

First, we are going to talk about why schema design is actually so important and crucial for your work as a Data Engineer. You also learn why you need a schema design for NoSQL stores as well and how a schema helps to create a maintainable model of your data and to prevent data swamps.

Next, we will go through the major data stores for which you can create a schema. Those will be relational databases, NoSQL stores, white column stores, document stores, key/value stores and data warehouses. This way you learn how to design the actual schemas for such databases and storages for different purposes.

With this knowledge and the knowledge from the "Choosing Data Stores" training, you can choose the right data store and design the schema with which you define and implement an important part of the data platform. You learn how to define a schema perfect for your use, based on the goals you have. This way, you also learn how to optimize your database to store and retrieve the data.


Take a look at the Data Sources training first.