The best Data Engineering talents

Good engineers are hard to come by. Especially these days.

That's why we specialise in education AND job placement. This way you know you hire excellent talent.

In our Academy, we support graduate students, people transitioning into Data Engineering as well as professional Data Engineers (Associate & Senior)

Why we represent the best Engineers

  • This way, we ensure a high level of Data Engineering knowledge
  • Recruiting only available for our Academy members
  • Applicants go through our comprehensive Academy courses or 12 week personal coaching program
  • Course certificates prove member progress and give an overview over learned skills

Superior Data Engineering knowledge
  • 15 years of experience in the Data Engineering field
  • Created and analysed countless job descriptions before
  • Experience in interviewing and hiring data talent
  • Teached over 500 students since started the Academy 

Holistic approach to learn Data Engineering

Our holistic approach ensures that Academy members understand all important facets of Data Engineering and not only a few tools

For this we offer a wide variety of 17 courses from basic Engineering topics to specific tools & major platforms teaching:

  • Basic
  • Python
  • Data Stores (SQL, NoSQL, Data Warehouses & Data Lakes)
  • Platform & Pipeline Design
  • Data Modelling
  • Security
  • Platforms & Tools
  • AWS 
  • Azure 
  • GCP Data Lake & Data Warehouse
  • Hadoop 
  • Apache Spark
  • Streaming with Kafka
  • Document & Time Series databases
  • APIs
  • Docker

Talent Matching

Our members 

  • Go through Academy courses and earn certificates
  • Do the certificates
  • Take the recruiting assessment form
  • Participate in a personal Zoom call

Examining  your job requirements 

  • Send us your job description
  • We do a phone call with you to find out your individual requirements 

We match requirements with available talents in our pool

  • Your requirements
  • Over 150 factors
  • Based on CV

You will get a summary document for each matching person

  • Overview list of matching skills and potential
  • Personal summary from interview
  • Technical applicant potential from interview
  • Applicants CV

Applicants Dashboard: 

  • Overview of nr currently available applicants
  • Overview of skills & levels
  • Screenshot on page

Take a look: Click here!

Get in touch!

If you are an HR department representative, then just share your information and job description with us. We are happy to work together with you finding the right talent.


I am not an Academy member, can I join the Recruiting program?

We want to help ensure a standard of knowledge to companies looking for Data Engineers. That’s why the Recruiting is coupled with the academy and only available to members. Just join the Academy, you will 100% benefit from the many hours of education and have access to the Recruiting service.