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Good engineers are hard to come by. Especially these days. Let us help you find the perfect talent for your business.

Profit from our huge network and hire excellent talent

In our wide-ranging network, we are guaranteed to find the ideal job candidate for you. In our search for a suitable talent, we can access my personal 100k LinkedIn followers, 27k LinkedIn followers on my company page, 28k YouTube subscribers and over 8,000 subscribers on our mailing list.

Not to forget my more than 700 certified students from the Learn Data Engineering Academy. From graduate students to people transitioning into data engineering to professional data engineers, all levels are represented, with the right person in the pool for every requirement.

Superior data engineering knowledge

During the search, you not only benefit from our network, but also from my 15 years of expertise in the field of data engineering. In this time not only have I created and analysed countless job descriptions. I also have extensive experience in job interviews and hiring processes with data engineering talents.

Let’s master the hiring process together

Examining your job requirements 

  • You fill in our two minutes form
  • We do a phone call with you to find out your individual requirements 

We match requirements with available talents in our pool

We do a preselection and forward matching persons to you

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If you are an HR department representative, then just share your information and job description with us. We are happy to work together with you finding the right talent.