Training the next generation of online coaches

You are an engineering freelancer and want to boost your reputation?

You want to add another revenue stream?

You already have a training program, but you are not making enough money?

This program is for you!

Scalable Business

Turn your skills into a thriving business by coaching online

Thought Leader

Use social media to position yourself as an expert. Get followers and create new connections.

Online Sales

Learn how to sell your coaching program online and make a lot of people happy :)

Hi, I'm Andreas Kretz

Your Coach

I turned my experience as a Data Engineer into a growing multiple 6 figure business.

My YouTube channel currently has over 170,000 subscribers, my LinkedIn over 100,000. Three times I have been selected as Top Voice on LinkedIn. In 2023 I was one of the top 100 influencers and #1 for Data Science on LinkedIn in Germany.

I am going to teach you everything I learned on my journey to turn your skills into a loved and valued training program.

I'll also show you all the secrets of how to become a thought leader on social media and make sales online.

It’s not going to be easy, but if I made it then you can too!

Your steps to success:

1. Create a successful coaching business

  • Identify your skills, your niche as well as potential students
  • Understand scalable products and business models
  • Banking, accounting & payment tips
  • Build your professional website

2. Build & run a program that people love

  • Create your successful coaching program
  • Learn about everything you need to run a successful online coaching
  • Create material to support your students

3. Become a thought leader

  • Understand personal branding and the importance of a portfolio / history
  • Find the right platforms for you to post on
  • Implement an awesome content strategy for social media

4. Use your reputation to make online sales

  • Record an interview with me that you can use to attract students and freelancing clients
  • Learn about the power of good lead magnets and how to create them
  • Find out the best ways for potential students to get in touch with you

How this program works:

3 Months of 1-on-1 coaching
All these benefits are included:
  • 30 minutes of 1-on-1 coaching with me every week
  • Weekly Q&A Zoom call with all participants
  • Prepared video content for important basics and How-tos
  • Private Slack server for direct questions and answers with me
  • Once you created your program we will add you to the list of Turbo Mentors (see below)
  • We will use our social media to tell people about your program (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter & mailing list)
  • 10-15 minute interview recording with you that highlights you, your skills and your training program (you’ll get the recording for your use)

Join Turbo Mentors Now!

(Only 5 seats available!)
Starts February 2024

Introuduction price:


Plus: Long term support!

After your coaching you have the option to stay in our Turbo Mentors program on a monthly basis.

  • Stay hosted on our website
  • Keep access to our weekly Q&A Zoom calls
  • Keep access to our Slack community

How does a collaboration work?

Get to know my expertise personally in a Zoom call.

1. Free consultation

Schedule a meeting with me and answer a few short questions to find out if I can help you

2. Strategy Meeting

If I can help you we will do a free strategy meeting where we discuss a personal strategy for you

3. Long term support

I support you long term while you implement your strategy

Learn from the best!

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They offer training and coaching on specific tools and topics.

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Meet Philipp Brunenberg, Spark expert and freelancer with over 5 years of experience.

Philipp is offering Spark coaching and training.

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Meet Arockia Nirmal, Data Engineer with almost a decade of professional international experience in data migration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an expert to become successful?

You need to have experience with what you are coaching. It's the same thing as with freelancing gigs: if you try this without experience your customers will know very quickly and will not be happy.

Do I need a large following before I start?

It's an advantage if you already have followers, but you don't need them. I'll show you how to get followers online.
We are also going to put your program on our website and use our social media to help you get students.

How fast can I expect to make the first sales?

This program is far from a get rich quick scheme. It took myself a long time to make my first sales online.
If you put effort in it, you should be able to make the first sales within two months though.

Can I stay in the program after the 3 months of coaching?

Yes, you can stay in the program after the three months. We'll offer you a reasonably priced option depending on your needs.

Can I also teach topics for Scientists or Analysts?

Right now the Turbo Mentors program is focusing on engineering topics. In a few months we'll also support other professions.

Do I need to spend extra money on services or equipment?

Yes. To run a successful program you need a few services, like Zoom for calls or a provider for hosting your website for example. If you want to record yourself you need equipment as well. (Don't worry there are cheap options to begin with)

Do I get an invoice after the payment?

After you purchase the coaching you will receive an invoice/receipt via email.

Can I pay as a business?

Yes, at the checkout you will be able to enter your business VAT ID to exclude the VAT from the payment.

Is there a money back guarantee?

My goal is to help you get successful and I'll do my best to help you on your journey. Because this is a coaching product and ultimately you are responsible for your own success, it's not refundable.

Where can I get even more information?

If you have questions regarding the Turbo Mentors pogram, please feel free to contact Andreas directly.