This is your perfect introduction to Data Engineering as a beginner!


This introduction course will help you to understand Data Engineering and also the job of the Data Engineer within the field of Data Science a lot better.

To get to know each other, you will learn at first some facts about myself, your course instructor during your Data Engineering journey, my professional background and how I got into Data Engineering. Then we will dive into the following sections:


Data Science Project Jobs

In this part you will get to know the jobs within the Data Science field, like Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Machine Learning Engineers. You will learn about their skills, their everyday tasks and also how the different jobs correlate.

The Data Engineer Job and Skills

But most importantly, you will learn who Data Engineers are, what they do and who they do it for. I will show you what skills they need, what important tools they use and how high the expected salaries are. I will also go through a Data Platform blueprint with you to make clear which tools come to use at which point while building a data pipeline.

Machine Learning for Engineers

In the following, I will give you an overview of a general Machine Learning process, which is divided into a training and a production part. Here, I will show you at which points the Data Engineer comes in. I will also dig a bit deeper into Machine Learning and talk about data processing and model management.

Data Science & Engineering Projects

Last but not least, I will explain to you what lies behind a Data Science & Engineering project business-wise and who defines the goal of such a project. Also, I will talk about the different project phases, like MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for example, where you build the processes around the analytics.

Also, find out how the Learn Data Engineering Academy can help you on your Data Engineering journey and how you can profit from my learning recommendation.

Course level



1.25 hours

Course Curriculum