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This course is picking up where our Python 1 course from Amit has ended. This way you have a really good Python foundation even if you come from a different field and haven't coded before

You learn all the important basics a Data Engineer needs. From advanced Python features, how to transform data with pandas to Working with APIs and Postgres databases.

Kristijan Bakaric who created the large part of the codes and I created hands on examples for every lesson. In 2.5 hours of videos we go through each of them together. We also prepared the source codes in our GitHub.

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Advanced Python

Understand what classes and objects are and how to use modules. Use exception handling to control how your program is reacting to foreseen or unforeseen events. Log out messages into files to make it easier to debug your code.

Data Engineering

Working with data is the most important part a Data Engineer has to master. Get hands on experience how to work with dates and JSONs. Understand unit tests and data validation. Use Pandas to transform your data and Numpy to apply mathematical functions to it.

Data Sources & Sinks

Data needs to come from somewhere and go somewhere. Learn the basics of how to use APIs, how to load data into databases and query it. In this example we use a PostgreSQL database.