As you know, the fundamentals always build the basis for everything and that’s why they will also be the first step here on your Data Engineering journey.

This training is a guide of Computer Science topics and resources I think you should know as a Data Engineer and which will help you immensely on your way. The major topics in this fundamentals training will therefore be Software Development and Relational Databases.


Software Development

In general, for Software Development it is very important to understand coding, how to make a concept and how to model your database with the help of UML/sequence diagrams and other tools. Furthermore, it is important to know how to efficiently use Git to collaborate with other developers. You also learn about the importance and advantages of agile software development to make your project processes more efficient and about the coherences of development and operations.


On the Relational Databases side, it is key to know the differences between OLTP and OLAP databases, learn about Modeling and Normalization, as well as important SQL queries.

Additional Knowledge

On top, I collected some helpful links on Computer Networking, Linux and Rest APIs at the end of the course, which will complement the fundamentals for you.

Sounds like a lot? No worries! I will go through each topic step by step and with many examples as an illustration. And for every tool I talk about, I will give you great links at hand where you can find them and how to learn or use them.